Specialty Dental Services

In addition to our general dentistry and cosmetic restoration services, Dr. Tournell also provides specialty dentistry options. We use the most advanced dental procedures to provide the best quality products, exams and therapy programs that are categorized under our special services. Eliminating pain, improving confidence, and instilling a healthier sense of living are all goals of these specialized offerings.

Periodontal Evaluation

We have specialists that focus their study on periodontology, which includes all of the bone and tissues that support the teeth. We are trained to recognize, diagnose and treat any periodontal diseases that may arise. Periodontal diseases are the leading cause of tooth loss in adults, so be sure to take advantage of our staff’s specialized skills in preventing, managing and treating the periodontium.

Joyful man faceAthletic Mouth Guards

We are happy to create customized athletic mouth guards for you and your family. Unlike traditional mouth guards you purchase at the store, we will create a snug, accurate fit to keep the teeth in proper positioning to avoid putting unnecessary pressure on the teeth. We want to give you the most comfortable and fuctional guard there is out there.

Snore Guard

A snore guard works to position your jaw and neck in a comfortable, non-constricting position for optimal air flow, thus significantly reducing any snoring sound. Snore guards can be customized for the best fit for comfort and function. In addition to preventing snoring, these oral devices will help prevent obstructive sleep apnea by opening your throat, bringing your jaw forward, and maximizing air flow.

Bite Splint Therapy

Bite Splint Therapy is used to prevent excessive tooth wear and correct and restore jaw function. Jaw pain, muscle tension, headaches, tooth wear, sensitivity or grinding of the teeth are all symptoms that may require a splint.

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